Ghum hai Kiskey Pyaar Mein, 14 December 2021:Virat returns home at last

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Virat is about to leave hotel he tells Shruti that she should not believe anyone. Shruti tells that she has believed him and came to the hotel. Virat thanks her for believing in him. Virat tell her to stay in the hotel and tells that he will bring the bags from the car.

Samrat tries to reach out Virat but he does not pick up the call. Pakhi asks Samrat that is it a critical condition. Patralekha asks Samrat that is the matter serious or not. Samrat asks her whether she realised it just now . Pakhi keeps on criticizing Sai.

She insults Samrat she says that Virat is not like her husband who has left her all alone and was in a relationship and after one year he returned back. Samrat gets upset listening to this but he also gets angry. Sai continues to worry about Virat.

She sleeps on the couch Ashwini finds her sleeping in the couch and feels bad for her. She feels as if Virat is coming she finds that Virat has came back she goes and asks Virat that is ok or not. Bhawani also comes there and find Virat is back.

Sai goes and hugs Virat Ashwini ask Sai to get happy because it has finally returned. Samrat comes and hugs him and asks state whether he is successful in his mission or not. Virat thinks that how he had to kill Sadanand. Sai asks him that where is the protection band.He shows mauli and says her mauli saved his life.Sai thanks god .

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