Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist: Shocking! Mahesh has become mad

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya is gearing up for interesting episodes. The show is coming up with the leap of 2 years. The makers are coming up with new story in the upcoming track.

The promo for the upcoming episode has been released on YouTube. In the promo it is been seen that Sherlyn asks Prithvi that what will happen if Mahesh dies. Prithvi tells that nothing will happen to him because his life is in his hand.

Mahesh keeps on shouting and calling Preeta. Preeta asks the nurse that why you are that taking Mahesh from there and why are they behaving so rudely with him. One of the men tells that Mahesh is a mad person and his dangerous.

The show is one of the best shows of Zee TV . So far it is seen that Pihu dies after the accident. Preeta returns home and informs everyone about the incident everyone gets shocked to hear the truth from her.

Preeta tells that it is due to Sonakshi that Pihu is no more in this world. She tells that Sonakshi sent a truck that caused the accident and that’s why Pihu is no more. Sonakshi asks her to stop blaming her and ask that where is her daughter.

Sherlyn gets a call from the police station she asks current to speak to the police the police tells Karan that they have arrested Preeta after the accident. They also say that it is preeta’s fault.

Preeta also reveals to everyone that Sonakshi is not the biological mother of Pihu . Karan break down completely and starts crying he remembers how we who used to play with him.

Preeta goes to console him but he asks her to stay away from him. Kareena throws with out of the house and tell that it is duty her that they are in this condition today.

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