BhagyaLakshmi 14th December 2021:Will Lakshmi catch Malishka and Rishi together in the shopping mall?

bhagya lakshmi

Lakshmi ask Rishi to have the breakfast and then leave for the office. Rishi Tells that he will be late by that time. Lakshmi blackmails him and tell him to have the breakfast Rishi decides to have the breakfast and then leave for the office.

Virender sees all this and start smiling. After having the breakfast Rishi tells that he is living for the office. Lakshmi suddenly loses her balance but Rishi saves her. Rishi leaves for the office the doorbell rings Lakshmi thinks that it must be Rishi.

She opens the door and finds that it is not received but it is Viraj and his grandfather. Neha speaks to Ayush she asks him to take her for a lunch. Ayush tells that they can visit her place. Viraj tells his grandfather that maybe Lakshmi is not happy because they have not told that they will be coming there.

Let me tell that there is nothing like that and welcomes them home. Viraj’s grandfather asks Neelam and Virender to and now let me to go with them to buy the wedding dress for Malishka. Neelam gives her the permission to go with them.

Aayush, bring neha home Neha starts behaving as if she has got hurt in her leg. She asks Ayush to carry her inside the house. Aayush takes her inside the house and seeing this Shalu gets upset. Rishi reaches Malishka place he asks her that why has she called him.

He tells her that does she know that her mother Kiran went to their house. He tells that actually Neelam got to know about both of them and she has also had conversations. Rishi tells Malishka that he has told his mother that there is nothing between both of them.

He tells that he has also told Neelam that they have moved on. Malishka asks him that why did you miss the chance Rishi tells that it did not want to hurt his mother. Malishka asks that how will be she looking in the wedding dress. Rishi asks that why did they need the wedding dress.

Malishka tells that they will get married Kiran comes over there and asks that what is Rishi doing over there. Aayush takes Neha to her room and ask her to take rest. Aayush asks Shalu to bring some haldi. She gets angry on him and leaves from there.

On the other hand Rishi tells Kiran that there is nothing between them and they have moved on. He tells that he need to leave for his office Malishka asks him to take her to the office he agrees. Lakshmi gets surprised to see such a big shopping mall.

While going to buy the wedding dress Malishka ask Rishi that does he know that how important a wedding dresses for a bride. He remembers how Lakshmi got upset and nervous when her dress was spoiled. Malishka tells that she must get ready because she will buy expensive wedding dress.

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