Udaariyaan spoiler alert : OH NO! Jasmine finds angad


Riya’s Nani tells Angad that she wants her granddaughter back. The police also tell angad to return Riya. The police tells that we can do nothing in this case. Angad tells that he can do something in this case he takes out an envelope from the drawer.

He takes of the paper from the envelope and gives it to the police and asks him to read it. He says that it is order from the court that if anyone starts torturing Riya then they cant take her back.Angad tells that we are will stay with him safe over there in his house.

Riya’s Nani tells that she can’t trust on him and she does not want react to live with him. On the other hand the blackmailer Jasmine is working with send some pictures to Jasmine. So that Jasmine can blackmail and get money. When Jasmine opens the picture he finds angad in the picture.

She gets shocked to see Angad over there she thinks that when anger that is there it is very easy to guess that Tejo will also be there. Jasmine decides to ruin the life of Tejo. For more updates and spoilers of Udaariyaan stay tuned with us.

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