Meet Season 1 Ep 104 ,11th December 2021

Kunal tells manushi that when she was sleeping he went to bring the woods so that she can cook and he got hurt.Manushi tells him to stand on the other side and look behind.

Manushi tells him that when she will count upto 3 he must come running.Manushi tell him to come, kunal falls down and manushi asks that where he got hurt . She tells that if he gets hurt his father will automatically call him..

Kunal thinks that manushi is very clever.Meet goes to meet anubha and dadi.Dadi gets emotional seeing meet she tells that she is very happy that she has came there to see them.

She tells that she has brought her favourite laddu and gives it to her she says that she will pray to God.Anubha speaks to meet and tells that after Manushi has left dadi is very hurt.

Meet asks anubha to go somewhere with dadi so that they feel ok. Her friends come over there and tells that now they don’t need to worry about her learning.

Her friends tell that meet ahlawat is there for meet and he will teach her now.Meet tells that her husband is a bit busy that’s why she need to take help from them.

Her friends tell her that there is a very good teacher who has came to their society. On the other hand meet ahlawat feels irritated thinking that the clients have suddenly changed the location of meeting.

Deep tells that he knows very well that something is wrong because he can’t get angry on all days. Meet tells that it does not feel good if someone sleeps in the kitchen instead of the bedroom.

Meet ahlawat tells that the last night meet was sleeping in the kitchen. Deep tells that maybe she is angry because he is not making her happy . He tells meet ahlawat that sometime then need to speak what their heart says.

Meet ahlawat tell him that he will tell what he feels for meet after he returns home.Meet find some boys disturbing isha she goes there and asks the boy to leave her hand.

The boy does not leave her hand but meet gets angry and slaps him. Isha tells meet to stay away from them she tells that they are her friends and they were just joking.

Meet asks her that what is wrong because the last night it was not the watchman but it was she went outside the house. Isha tells that there is nothing like that.

Meet ahlawat starts thinking that why has meet slept in the kitchen the last night. Isha comes over there and tell him what happened.

Later meet ahlawat tells meet that Isha is a very smart girl and there can be no problem with her . She tells that she can make her own friends. Meet says that she knows that is she is a very intelligent girl but still sometimes the situation is such that people start lying.

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