Udaariyaan Coming Up next episode update:OH NO! Jashmine to kidnap Riya


The upcoming episode promo has been released. Jasmine now knows that where is tejo and Angad and now she is fully determined to destroy the life tejo and Angad. Tejo and Riya goes to the grocery shop to buy some things. And jasmine follows both of them to the shop.

Tejo and Riya get out of the car and gets into the grocery shop. Tejo starts buying the thing Riya looks at some chocolates over there.Jasmine comes over there and tries decides to kidnap Riya.Tejo turns around and looks for riya but she doesn’t find anyone.

She starts screaming and finding Riya.The upcoming twist will be very interesting.The audience of the show are already ready to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.The makers of the show are coming up with a new stories in every episode.

Udaariyaan produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment is one of the most loved tv serial of colors tv.So far we have seen that fateh meets angad and tejo in the party. Later on Mr. Sharma gets a heart attack,fateh helps him. After Mr.Sharma returns from the hospital tejo and angad decide to meet him.

They leave to meet him but unfortunately, the car faces problems,in such situation Mr. Sharma tells Fateh to go and pick up angad and tejo. Fateh is already aware that that it is tejo and angad whom Mr.Sharma is telling to pick up.

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