Kum Kum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Update :Ranbir thinks he is hallucinating that Prachi has returned

kumkum bhagya

Prachi at the venue and asks Ranbir question himself whether he truly loves her or not. She asks Ranbir to keep his ego by his side and ask himself.

She says that she loves him alot. Rhea tells Prachi to leave from there. Pallavi asks Prachi to stop all this drama and to leave as soon as possible.

Rhea goes and throws about Prachi when Ranbir shouts at her and asks her to leave prachi’s hand. He says that he also loves her alot and both of them goes to hug each other.

Rhea shouts No! And then she realise that it is only an imagination. She finds that only the last ritual of the waiting is left and she completes the ritual.

Everyone gets happy seeing that wedding has been completed successfully. Ranbir’s strange hallucinations cause him to enthusiastically perform the wedding rituals.

Prachi arrives at the venue and finds the Ranveer and rhea both are already married. She Rushes towards Ranbir so fast that she passes out without making any sound.

After some time she gets back her senses and finds that the wedding is already completed. Pallavi welcomes Ranbir and rhea.

Pallavi bless them and says that the God should bless them so that they can stay together for the whole life. Prachi arrives there and asks Pallavi to stop all this.

Prachi says that there is no need to bless them. Everyone gets shocked to see Prachi over there. Ranbir thinks that he is still hallucinating.Prachi walks into the home and grabs a water jug to splatter over Rhea’s footprints.

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