Bhagya Lakshmi Dec 03 2021 Sneak Peek : OH NO! Lakshmi finds malishka’s bangle

Bhagya Lakshmi December 03 2021

The upcoming episode of Bhagya lakshmi is gearing up for a new twist. Viraj calls Rishi and asks that whether anyone has affair with malishka.

Rishi gets shocked to hear this question. Lakshmi tells Rishi that everyone wants that Malishka gets a very good life partner.

Rishi sits and thinks about Malishka. Lakshmi finds the bangle of malishka in Rishi’s files she gets surprised to find maliska’s bangle there.

She Goes and queries Rishi that malishka was unable to find the bangle that day then what is it going over there in his room. He gets surprised to see it.

In the latest episode of serial Bhagya lakshmi It is seen that Viraj agrees to marry Malishka. On the other hand malishka asks Rishi to leave Lakshmi.

Rishi gets ready to leave Lakshmi forever and to stay with Malishka but when Lakshmi comes in front of him he fails to say the truth to her.

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