Meet Spoiler Alert Episode 3rd December 2021 : Meet Catches Masoom red-handed

Meet 3 december 2021

Zee TV serial meet is one of the most loved TV serials. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet ahlawat tells meet that from now he will never take the name of Manushi.

He also apologize for his mistake. He says that he wants to enjoy the life you want to live the life and trying out new things but he wants her with him.

Later on the doctor calls meet and informed that there was no medicine that can cause problem. Chabi and Masoom decides to plan something to bring down meet in front of everyone.

Meet overhear all this conversation she goes inside the room and asks why are they doing like this. Both of them gets shocked seeing her in the room.

Meet says that she has made the video and now she has the proof. Chabi and Masoom both get scared. Meet says that she has seen everything.

Chabi thinks that she has also got to know that it was she who has mixed this sleeping pill into the food last night. She apologizes to meet.

Masoom tells her that she will never try to do anything like this again. But Masoom once again makes a plan show everyone that meet is a liar.

She praises her in front of everyone. She says that meet has done a lot for the family and also a lot for her brother. She tells that she must give surprise to her.

Babita and Rajvardhan agrees with Idea. Masoom tells that they must go to meet’s to house and speak nicely to her mother and dadi because they have always insulted them. Babita likes the idea.

Babita asks Sunaina to call Meet, but Masoom says that they must not inform her. Because when she will go to her house will be surprised to know all these and they should keep it as a surprise.

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