Anupama S01 Ep438 Dec 4 ,2021 :DIVORCE! Vanraj asks kavya to give him divorce

Anupama december 4 2021 full episode


Anupama comes out of the room and vanraj asks that what has Kavya said to her. Anupama tell that it was a conversation between them and she will not tell that.

Anupama asks that why is everyone sitting quietly she puts on her favourite music. She asks everyone to come and start dancing.

She calls Anuj to come in front everyone comes together and starts dancing.Vanraj goes to Anupam and asks that what her she told her. Anupama tells that she can’t tell what her she told her.

Kavya comes and puts off the music she keeps the property papers to Hasmukh and tells that she has transfer the property to him.

Everyone gets surprised to see that Kavya has returned the property. Kavya tells that she made a mistake and she did not realise it but when Anupama made her understand she understood.

Kavya says that she has made a mistake that’s why she is returning the property to him. She goes to vanraj you and asks whether he is happy or not.

He says that he is happy now. He hides the parcel. Anupama rearranges everything after the celebrations. Anuj tells Anupama that she has changed Kavya.

Anuj gets hurt while opening his eyeglasses Anupama helps him out. Leela calls Anupama and she goes to her. Everyone seems to be very happy.

Leela thanks everyone for celebrating their marriage anniversary so nicely. Hasmukh tells that they have done the celebrations so well that they have not even enjoyed it so much during their wedding.

Kavya tells that he is also happy because he has got his property back. He says that the property or the house is made by the family members.

Kavya everyone wants security.Vanraj tells that yes everyone wants security that’s why she give back the house because now she wants emotional security.

He says that he has a special gift for her it is the divorce papers to her she gets shocked he says that he was only waiting for the wedding anniversary.

He says had to sign the papers and get away from his life. He says that he will give whatever money he has in his bank account along with the cafe.

Kavya says that she knows that he can’t say all this it is Anupama who has asked him. She starts insulting Anupama. And ask her to control herself.

Vanraj says that it he knows very well that how is Kavya. Kavya makes him understand that he is not like this and it is Anupama who has spoiled him.

Kavya says that it was Anupama’s plan first to get back the property and then give the divorce papers. Anuj asks Kavya to behave.

Kavya asks Anuj to shut up and says that he does not know what will happen if she gets angry. Anuj says that he she does not know that how he becomes when he gets angry that’s why she is saying this.

Kavya to ask the divorce papers and says that she will not give divorce. Vanraj takes out another divorce paper from the driver and says that he had made so many copies that she will be tired of tearing the papers.

She says that she knows very well that it was anupama’s plan. She says that because she has taken her husband that’s why now Anupama wants to take revenge.

Vanraj tells her that whatever she wants to think she can think but she must sign on the papers and he must get rid of her.

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