Anupama S01 Ep 436,2nd December 2021: NEW TWIST ! Kavya gets angry on anupama



The family celebrates the wedding anniversary of leela and husmukh .Samar,vanraj,anuj,GK starts singing.The whole family enjoys the day.

Vanraj suddenly gets a call and he asks if the parcel is ready or not. The person on the call tells that it is ready and then vanraj tells him to give the parcel to him and warns him not to give it to anyone else.

Anupama observes all this but she does not say anything. Later on, anuj receives a call and he thinks that why is that person calling him.

GK asks anuj who has called him he gets shocked to know the person. But Anuj decides that he should not tell this to Anupama because she is very happy.

After dancing , the family sits together. Hasmukh and Leela speak about their 50 years of marriage life. Everyone gets inspired hearing this.

Anupama serves the food to everyone. She finds that there is only one bowl left in the tray. Vanraj takes it and gives it to Anuj.

Vanraj says that enjoy will bring more. Anuj tastes it and says that it is awesome. Vanraj says that whoever eats food prepared by Anupama says that it is awesome.

Vanraj ask anuj that how is the work going on.Anuj says that the work is going on very nicely.Vanraj tell him that when their restaurant will open he will visit the restaurant.

Kavya gets shocked hearing this she thinks that how can both of them become like friends. All of them start speaking about the side effects of marriage.

Paritosh tells samar to think before getting married.Vanraj says that they should think very carefully before getting married and if they are getting married for the second time they should think more.

Hasmukh says that in their times there was no option so they had to stay together. Kinjal says that it is because they did not have any option.

Anuj tells that a relation breaks each and every day but simultaneously both the persons in the relationship must take care of the relation so that it does not broken.

She says that before marriage people still time To meet with their loved ones you and after marriage that does not even have the time to speak to their loved ones.

He says that there are very less number of people who gets this opportunity of loving someone and they must not waste it.

Pakhi tells that she will never get married after seeing the family. She says that her mother and father got separated because of incompatibility.

And after that her father got married to Kavya which was a love marriage but still they fight. Vanraj says that getting married is not wrong but getting married to a wrong person is wrong.

He says that if example of relation between him and Anupama is there, then there is also the example of the relation between Leela and Hasmukh.

Leela tells that they are together since 50 years Kavya asks Leela and Hasmukh that after that has happened the last day will Hasmukh be able to forget all that. He says that he will try his best to forget.

He says that because of one day he can spoil is whole life. Anupama says that if there is nothing in a relationship and both the persons have given their best in their relationship then they should not be afraid to get separated and start their life fresh.

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