Anupama update : GK pulls Anuj’s leg,Anupama to confess her love


Star Plus most loved serial Anupama is gearing up for a new twist. Anupama has decided to stay within the same how to take care of him. On the other hand Anuj tells GK that he is receiving call from Malavika. GK also get scared to hear this.

Hasmukh tells anupama to forget whatever anyone thinks about her and ask her to go and take care of Anuj. Anupam also decides that now she will tell what she feels for Anuj. She decides to tell Anuj that she is really to think about the relationship between both of them.

Anuj tells GK that when Malvika will come they will worry about her. GK tells him to forget when Malvika will come . He tells Anuj you think about Anupama now. He tells that Anupama will be staying with him in the same house. GK starts pulling his leg.

GK tells that now Anuj and Anupama both of them will be in the house. Anuj tells that not only both of them but four of them will be there in the house. He says that Paritosh and GK will also be there in the house. GK tells that Paritosh will be busy because he has his own family. He says that and he will be going to the office.

Anuj asks him to stop doing all this in front of Anupama and to stop creating awkward situations. Anuj ask him that whether Anupama has told him when she will be coming. GK teases him. Anuj starts blushing. On the other hand vanraj speak to Malvika.

He thinks that his family members will be surprised after he gives the news the next day. Kavya stands behind him and things that what is he planning about and who is Malvika because after speaking to her vanraj’s body language has changed.

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