Anupama 15th December 2021 Promo Update: Anupama gets to know about Malvika


Anupama 15 December 2021 episode update: Anupama is ready to write new chapter of her life with Anuj. But still she feels afraid she tells her Hasmukh that she is afraid that if she starts becoming the same Anupama which she was earlier.

She tells that what will happen if she becomes dependent on Anuj. He tells her that she should not worry about all this. He asks her to listen to her heart and go ahead in the life and be happy. Anupama overhears the conversation of Anuj and Malvika.

Anupama hears Anuj telling to Malvika how much he loves her and how he can do anything for her Anupama gets surprised to listen all this and she starts thinking that Anuj is in love with someone else. When the entry of Malvika will be changing the chemistry between Anuj and Anupama.

In the recent track it is seen that vanraj’s life is also going to change after the entry of Malvika. In the recent episode It is seen that he speaks to Malvika over the phone and after speaking to her he gets confident he thinks that everyone in the house will be surprised after visa announcement.

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It’s not yet revealed in the show, Malvika, played by Aneri Vajani, would enter the show as Anuj’s spoiled sister. According to some media reports Malvika is Anuj’s younger sister who lives in London but has came to India and after the entry of Malvika in the show there will be a change in the equation between Anupama and Anuj.

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