Anupama Ep447,14 December 2021: ‘The New Begining Of LOVE’ Anuj and Anupama to stay together


Pakhi call anupama and asks that how is anuj.Anupama tells that anuj is fine now.Pakhi asks that whether she was scared or not.Anupama tells that she was afraid.Pakhi tells that when her friend got hurt then she also got scared .Anupama questions her that whether she can have a friend or not.

Pakhi tells that she just said that anuj is her friend.Husmukh asks Pakhi to give the phone to him because he wants to speak to Anupama. He asks Anupama whether she is taking permission from the family before she does what she wants to do.

Anupama tells that it is her decision but by that decision everyone will be affected specially her children.Hasmuk advice Anupama not to worry at support Anuj because Shah’s is with her this time. He asks Anupama to stop thinking about anyone and to take care of anuj.

Anupama decides that she will go to Anuj and say that she is ready to think about their relationship she gets excited as well as she feels shy. Anuj tells GK that they will see what happens after Malvika comes over there. GK starts pulling his leg and tells that he should not worry about what will happen after Malvika comes.

He tells Anuj that he should think about what will happen when Anupama will be living with him in the same house. On which days that not only hear and Anupama but they are four persons will be stay in the house. And still is that there will be Paritosh and also GK.

GK tells that that doesn’t matter because it has his own work and family and he is also busy. Anuja asks him not to create awkward situation in front of Anupama by speaking about relationships. Anupama reaches anuj’s house. Anupama thinks that she must cal GK.

She goes to enter the house when a photo comes in front of her she picks up the picture and find someone in the picture with Anuj. Anuj wakes up and finds Anupam over there he gets happy at the next moment he gets surprised to see that Anupama has the picture in her hand.

He stands up and rushes to Anupama and takes the pictures. Anupama asks him to stop doing like this because she will never ask him about all this. GK comes over there and finds Anuj and Anupama. He thinks that what will happen if Anupama starts thinking about the pictures.

Anupama asks Anuj to go to his room and take rest because the doctor has told him not to even walk. Anuj tries to make her happy and cracks a joke Anupama tells that by cracking a joke he can’t make Anupama laugh and we also can’t get rid of getting scolding from Anupama.

Anupama asks him to sit on his bed. Anuj tells Anupama that at last he has came to his world. He realizes that he has said what he was feeling in his heart he changes it and says that he means that she at last came to his house to stay over there.

Kinjal gives Paritosh cold coffee Paritosh tells her that he has applied in some of the companies in which they have sorted out. Kinjal gets happy with him. Paritosh tells that but if it does not think that he will get the job according to his CV.

Samar there and tells that Paritosh is very negative he says that if Paritosh and do a job with Rakhi he can do job anywhere. He asks Kinjal to give him a cup of cold coffee. Kinjal goes to bring the cold coffee. Leela comes over there and tells that Paritosh should go to Anuj’s house to see that how is everything.

Paritosh tells that she should not to worry because Anupama is already over there and she will take care of everything. Anupama gives the medicine to Anuj. Anuj stills Anupama to take rest and go to be room. Anupama picks up her bag and goes to leave. Anuj watches her Anupama turns around watch him and gets emotional.

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