Anupama S01 Ep 458, 27th December: Anuj calls Anupama Magnet Thief


Anupama asks anuj that whether she is responsible for all this.Anuj tells her that she is not responsible for anything because it is his mistake that he did not give time to malvika.He reveals that malvika was angry with him because he praised Anupama.

Anu praises malvika and says that she is like a kid. Anuj says to Anupama that her right too there on his time. Anupama looks at Anuj.Vanraj and malvika speaks about the bussiness strategy.Malvika says that they should keep the name of the restaurant on the name of the Seasons.

Vanraj likes the idea, Malvika thanks Pakhi for giving her these yes she says that it was very comfortable. Leela tells Hasmukh that Malvika eats a lot but still she is thin. She says that Malvika is like a small child, but in the case of business, she is mature enough.

Kavya thinks that no one is paying attention to her after Malvika has come to the house. Anuj tells Anupama that she is equally important to him. He tells her not to leave him alone ever.Anupama gets smitten seeing Anuj. Nandini worry about vanraj and Malvika.

Nandini goes and tells samar that what will happen if vanraj Falls for Malvika he asks her to stop thinking like Kavya. He gets angry and leaves from there Nandini follows him so that she can speak to him about this matter.Vanraj suggests keeping local cuisines in their restaurant.


Malvika rejects this idea and says that they should keep exotic cuisines in their restaurant. Both of them agreed to it. And both of them start arguing. At the office Anupama plays with magnet, and Anuj tells that she is a magnet thief. Anupama message that he is a magnet thief because he had stolen the magnet from her during the college days.

Anuj stays shocked to know this. Malvika and vanraj decide to toss and decide whose idea will be carry forwarded.Vanraj wins the toss. Malvika says that she will transfer 50 lakh rupees to his account everyone stands shocked.

Vanraj later introduces Paritosh to the project, Malvika asks him to join the project soon. Paritosh and Kinjal also gets excited. Malvika tells that she wants to celebrate Christmas.Vanraj tell that he will make all the arrangements. On the other hand Anuj thinks of Malvika.

Anuj tell some women that he is having tension for Malvika and vanraj because both of them are short-tempered and get angry very soon. He says that if Malvika would have been with him then she could have helped her in business. Anupama ask him that whether he he is afraid that Malvika choosed the wrong partner.

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