Anupama Update: SHOCKING! Kavya instigates Malvika against Anupamaa and Anuj’s relationship

rupali ganguly

Vanraj gives malvika permission to stay with them. Malvika gets Happy but Kavya gets upset Kavya tells Malvika to leave the house and stay wherever she wants. Anuj and Anupama reach house at that moment. Anuj tell Kavyato speak properly to his sister.

Anuj tells Malvika that he knows that, she is very upset with him but they must go home. He asks her to come with him to home but she refuses. She tells that she will be living with her business partner vanraj. Anupama gives her permission to stay there.

Kavya hugs Anupama and tells that she knew that both of them will be good friends. Kavya tells Sunpharma that she does not stay at that house anymore then why is she taking the decision so that house. Vanraj tells Kavya to keep quiet and listen to what Anupama is saying.

Malvika says that they must go back to their work. Anupama and Anuj leaves there, Anupama tension that she is sorry because she took the decision that Malvika will be staying there. Anu says that she must not be sorry because if she has taken the decision there should be something.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Kavya will instigate Malvika against Anupama, compelling her to snatching Anuj from her. According to some media reports, the Shah family will be celebrating the day of Christmas together, Anuj and Anupama will be also present in the occasion.

During the occasion, Malvika will say in front of everyone that and Anuj and Anupama should get married because both of them are made for each other Anupama will scold her and she will leave the house. Anupama tries to make her understand.

Malvika does not listen and leaves the house, Anupama follows her and she starts acting as if she has got hurt, as soon as Malvika stops Anupama holds her tightly. She makes understand that everything has a right time to said. Malvika asks that if she is wrong because she has only told that both of you should get married but the Anupama consoles her and makes her understand.

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