Anupama S01 24th December 2021 :Malvika reaches the shah house

Anupama 24th December 2021

Anuj and anupama keep on looking for malvika.Anuj blames himself for the vvonditon tihey are going through.Anupama tells that he is not responsible for all this.At the shah house vanraj gets ready for the first day in the office.

Vanraj thinks that it is a new day,kavya gives him the handkerchief to vanraj.He asks that kavya is trying to be good wife.He asks her that what does she think that if she always keeps quiet he will like her. Kavya ask him that want to see want to had to do to make him happy.

She says that she is ready to be the perfect wife.Vanraj tell her that if she wanted a wife who will always you stay quiet and listen to him then and former would have been the best wife. He says her that they must get divorce and this is what he wants.

Kavya Gets Adamant that she will never leave him. Anuj starts blaming himself for whatever happened to Malvika. Anupama asks him not to blame himself because it is destiny that should be blamed. She says that he is not responsible for what has happened in the past.

Kavya packs the tiffin for vanraj Leela asks her why she doing all this she says that she is doing all this to become the perfect wife. Anupama prays to God for Malvika and Anuj. Later, Anupama bumps into Rinku Sooryavanshi. Rinku shares ‘Atrangi Re’ story with her. Duo share a talk with each other.

Kavya gives tiffin to vanraj. He denies taking it. Malvika enters the house everyone gets shocked. She asks them to give her permission to had to stay there with them she tells that she can adjust anywhere and she will have no problem in that.

She tries to convince Leela so that she allows her to stay there. Everyone keeps quiet and stand shocked. On the other hand Anupam metals and it’s that when both of them were arguing, she had the name of Akshay she ask that who is Akshay.

Anuj tells her that Akshay is the love of Malvika, he says that Malvika used to love Akshay but Akshay used to love Malvika only for money. On the other hand Malvika tells vanraj so that she can stay with him in the same house she hugs him and everyone gets shocked.

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