Anupama Ep 456,24th December 2021 Spoiler Alert

Anupama 24th December 2021

Anupama episode 24 December 2021 update: Anuj and Anupama starts finding Malvika. Anupama reaches a temple and prays to God so that Malvika returns to Anuj. There she meets a girl named Rinku Suryavanshi. And farmer finds that the call has received hurt in her leg.

Anupama asks her that what is she doing and how did she get this wound Rinku Suryavanshi tells that actually she is running from the marriage that’s why she has got hurt while running. Anupama asks that from whose marriage is she running ,she says that she is running from her own wedding.

Anupama asks that why is she running from her own wedding she says that actually, she did not like the Kofta made in her wedding. She starts laughing and asks Anupama whether she thought that is serial. She says that there is nothing like that but she will tell the original story behind all this.

Rinku tells Anupama that actually , her family members are trying to get her get married forcefully without her consent. Anupama tells her that till she is running from others it is ok, but if she is running away from her self then she will run her all life.

Rinku says that she is very intelligent, she asks whether Anupama has any problem in her life. Anupama tells that she has only one problem that is she can’t make Kofta. Both of them starts laughing Rinku says that now she have to run away from there, and she runs away.

Anupama episode 25th December 2021 promo update: In the coming episode of serial Anupama it will be seen that vanraj will tell Malvika that she can’t stay with them. Malvika will get happy to stay with them but Kafi I will get angry on Malvika she will shout on her she will ask her to leave her house.

Anuj and Anupama will also reach the shah house, Anuj will ask Kavya to stop speaking to his sister like that. Malvika will tell Anuj that she will be living with her partner vanraj in that house. Everyone will get shocked to hear this.Later on Anupama will also allow Malvika to stay over there Malvika will get happy and hug her.

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