Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th December 2021

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th December 2021 : Virat receives call from Shruti, Sai picks of the call she asks that whether she is Shruti speaking on the other side or not. Shruti says that yes it is her. Shruti ask her to give the phone to Virat.

Sai ask her that why she calls her husband, she asks who is she. Shruti ask her whether she is the wife of Virat. Sai tells that she is wife of Virat.Sai gets angry on her and screams on the phone that’s why she calling Virat every time. Everyone looks at her and gathers.

Bhawani asks that why she something like that has she gone mad, Virat thinks that with whom she speaking he finds that the mobile is not with him. He asks her to give the mobile to him.Sai ask him to stop. Shruti says that sometimes it is not possible to tell the identity.

Sai says that her husband always tells everything to her even now her husband is standing in front of her, things that with home easy speaking.Sai takes the name of Shruti , Virat gets shocked to know that she is speaking to Shruti period ask her to give the phone.

Shruti denies to give her identity she cuts the call. Virat asks sai that why did she cut the call . She asks that what is going between truth of them Virat says that he can reveal it to her. Virat insist her to give the phone to him, she gets angry and she plays the phone Virat gets shocked.

Sai leaves from there. Karishma comes and asks whether she knows about Shruti. She starts taunting sai. Virat gets angry and starts finding his phone. Virat goes to sai and asks why is she doing like this. She says that she wants to know the truth about Shruti.

Virat tells that he can’t reveal it in front of her at this time. Sai that when he was going on the mission he told about his friend Sadanand then why can’t he revealed about Shruti now Virat keeps quiet .Sai says that they should clear this thing because of Shruti their day is being destroyed.

Karishma asks Mohit that whether he is thinking of the same thing which she is thinking, Mohit asks that Vidisha thinking she says that she is thinking that maybe Virat is in relation with Shruti. Mohit says that this can happen his brother is not like this.

Pakhi says bad things about Sai, Samrat asks her to shut up , he asks that how can she speak like this about Sai. Ninad tells Ashwini that why she did not inform him before about all this. Ashwini says that he was already very upset with his friend that’s why she did not disturb him.Virat asks Sai to trust him and everything will be OK. She asks him that what happened to the trust when he he was doubting her and Ajinkya. He remembers the incident that happened earlier.

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