Anupama S01 11th December Promo Update


In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavya will tell everyone that how can this possible that vanraj doing so much for Anuj because he could not even see him few days ago. Nandini asks her to stop all this and ask her to stop manipulating them against Anuj.

Kavya tells that they can understand what vanraj is planning. Anupama finds that Anuj she is facing some problems she calls doctor. The doctor tries to do the treatment of Anuj. Anupama gets afraid to see Anuj in that condition.Vanraj keeps on watching Anupama and Anuj.

In the latest track it is seen that Anuj gets insured and Anupama admits him to the hospital. She informs vanraj about the incident that has took place.Vanraj goes to the hospital he finds that Anupama is crying. He consoles Anupama and asks her to be strong.

Samar gets a call from the police station the police inform him that they have received the mobile of Anupama and Anuj. The police asks him to come to the police station and lodge a complaint because Anuj and anupama both are missing.

Samar starts thinking that what should we do whether he should inform everyone in the house or not .Hasmukh finds him in tension and asks that what is the reason behind his nervousness.Samar infamous him whatever has happened he gets surprised to listen that Anupama and Anuj both are in danger.

The doctor tells Anupama that they should complete the procedures of operation. Anupama asks vanraj what form has the doctor given to them. He says that it is the consent form they must fill up that Anupama tells that the doctor is not good and they must go to another Hospital.

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He makes her understand that whichever hospital they will go they will ask them to fill up t consent form.Later on vanraj informs samar that he is with another man everyone arrives at the hospital. GK breaks down after seeing Anuj in that condition.

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