Anupama Episode 349,6th December 2021

Anupama Episode 6th December 2021


Vanraj tells Kavya that people get married so that they have a life partner with whom they can share each and everything.

He says that there is no trust in their relationship. He tells Kavya that she was so insecure that she did have wrong thing he says that he is now tired of her insecurity.

Kavya asks him that Anupama also had so many problems but still they were together for 26 years.Vanraj tells that yes because he had married Anupama but he has loved Kavya.

He tells that in the relation between him and Anupama there was no love but there was respect. He says that but in their relationship there is neither love nor respect.

He says that in a relation where there is no love is useless. He asks her to give the divorce. Kavya tells that she will not give him divorce.

She says that he is making her the villain and so now she will be a villain.Vanraj leaves from there. Kavya goes to anupama and says that due to her all this is happening.

He tells anupama that now she will take revenge. She leaves from there Anuj says that it is time for them to go. He tells her that if she has a problem she can tell him.

Vanraj thinks that Kavya will try her best not to give the divorce but he will make her sign the papers. Leela says that whatever vanraj has done is right.

Anupama asks her not to say like that she says that have a strong woman is and independent woman is but when she hears about divorce she breaks down from inside.

Hasmukh says that his son vanraj is equally wrong and he should not do this. Leela says that after whatever Kavya has done put them it is right.

Anupama tells that she has also done many mistakes in her life but her Hasmukh has forgiven her. Anuj and GK speak to each other .

Anuj tells GK that each and every time he prays to God that there should be no problem in Anupama’s life. Anuj asks that how can he help Anupama and make her happy.

GK says that he can do it by being with her and supporting her. On the other hand Kavya sticks all the photos of vanraj and her on the wall.

She starts crying and thinks that she will not give divorce and she sees vanraj and she says that she won’t give him divorce.

She ask him that he is he doing like this he says that everything is over between them she begs to him and says that she will never do like this again.

On the other hand Dolly ask Anupama to make vanraj understand. And still search you does not want to get into all this because it is between vanraj and Kavya.

Dolly tells that it is between both of them but due to that everyone have to pay for it . She says that due to both of them even the children of the house of to pay for it.

Kavya asks him to forgive her but vanraj says that there is nothing between them anymore and he does not love her anymore.

Anupama finds Kavya sitting on the floor and crying.Vanraj find anupama and leaves from the room. Anupama face very bad for Kavya because she is all alone.

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