Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin S01 6th December 2021 :Virat meets Sadanand

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

A police officer asks Virat that why have the done the camp in between the jungle. He says that it is the ideal place and they can officer each and everything what will be happening.

The police officer asks that how did Virat know Sadanand. He says that he was his best friend. He asks the police officers to take care of the camp and tells that he will be coming in a while.

Virat goes into the Jungle and observes everything. He turns around and find some man pointing a gun at him. The man tells that he is warning him to go away from there.

Both of them start fighting and in the fight Virat takes off the mask which the man was wearing to hide his face. He finds that it is no one but Sadanand.

He asks Sadanand to forget everything for a minute that he is a police officer and he is a criminal and asks to hug him. Both of them hugs each other.

On the other hand Sai gets emotional thinking about Virat. She calls Virat but Virat’s phone rings in the camp. Virat and Sadanand speaks about their life.

Sadanand says how he became a criminal. He asks Virat about Sai ,Virat asks that how did he know that he is married. Sadanand tells the Day in the mall he saw them.

He says that she is very beautiful. Sadanand asks that it is a love marriage or not. Virat says that it is a neither a love marriage or nor an arrange marriage.

Virat get lost in the memories of Sai. Sadanand says that he is in love. On the other hand the police officers think that maybe Virat is in danger and the start finding him in the jungle.

Sai think that why is Virat not picking up the phone. Virat asks Sadanand whether he is married or not. Sadanand says that he is married and he has done love marriage.

Sadanand says that he is going to be a father in few days. Virat says that is he made he has brought his wife in the Jungle in a pregnant condition.

Sadanand says that nothing is important to both of them than this mission. Virat asks him to surrender he says that he will take the responsibility that nothing happens to them.

Sadanand says that there is no way out now. Suddenly the police officers starts calling Virat Sadan and thinks that Virat has called the officers.

Sadanand tell Virat that from now he will never think that Virat is his friend and he leaves from there. Virar returns to the camp and start thinking about what should he do.

Bhawani asks Sonali and Ashwini to do the preparations of Padwa very nicely. Pakhi and Sai both meet each other. Patralekha asks her How was the last night.

She says that she must have not slept.Sai tell that patralekha is so concerned about her. Patralekha says that she is not concerned but she is showing her kindness to her because Virat is not there with her.

Sai says that if that is the case then she should also show kindness to her because Samrat has returned to the house after 1 year, but then also she is not happy.

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