Anupama Upcoming Episode Spoiler Alert: Kavya shows her true colors, Anuj admitted to the hospital but why?


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavya will hurt herself.

Anupama will ask her to stop and ask her that why you should doing like this. Kavya will reveal that now she will take revenge from both of them.

Kavya will say that now she will file a domestic violence case on vanraj and she will call the police.Vanraj gets surprise to see the true colours of Kavya.

Vanraj will shout at her and asks her to stop doing all this Kavya says him to speak politely otherwise the Neighbours will listen to this and they will help her to file the case.

Anupama we will ask her that why is she doing all this, what does she want she will say that no one has done nothing with Kavya .

Anupama will say to Kavya that they have neither betrayed her nor have done anything with her then why she taking this step.

Kavya will say that she is doing all this to take the revenge on Anupama. She says that now she will take all the revenge that was left to take.

In the latest episode of Star Plus serial vanraj tails Kavya that there is neither respect nor love in their relationship and they should get divorced.

Kavya denies to give him the divorce and says that she will not leave him. She asks that how can we do like this. She asks that he was with Anupama for 25 years even after so many problems.

He says that he was married to Anupama but he used to love Kavya. He says that there was no love in the relation between him and Anupama but there was respect in the relation.

He says that there is neither respect nor love in the relation between them. Kavya tells that Anupama is responsible for all this and says that she will take the revenge.

Later on dolly tells Anupama to go and make vanraj. Understand she says that she won’t go because it is not her problem it is the matter of husband and wife.

Dolly tells that she knows very well that due to both of them the whole family have to suffer. She says that due to Kavya and vanraj the children of the family will also suffer.

Anupama upcoming episode spoiler alert :

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Some pictures of serial Anupama and going viral on social media in the pictures it is being seen that Anuj is admitted to the hospital after an accident.

In another picture, it is being seen that vanraj is asking Anupama to forgive him. It will be very interesting to know that what is waiting for the upcoming episodes.

The upcoming episode of the serial Anupama will very interesting. The makers are coming up with new twists in each and every episode which is keeping the audience tuned to the show. For the latest spoilers and updates stay tuned with us and keep on watching Anupama.

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