Anupama Ep 461 31st December 2021 Promo update


Anupama 31st December 2021 update: In the upcoming episode it will be seen that GK will tell anupama that he wants a gift from her. She will ask that what gift does they want.Husmukh will tell that they want the thing that malvika has asked for.

GK says that when both of them love each other why they are not getting married. The family members start dancing. Later on, Anuj tells Anupama that he has already given his heart to her and what does she want more.

In the latest episodes, it is seen that anuj tells Anupama that he will never ask Anupama all these questions.He tells that he will do whatever she will tell him.

On other hand, malvika reaches home and starts decorating the house.Kavya tells that only the special persons are allowed to put the star on the tree.

Kavya says that she must learn how the speak with elders.Malvika feels bad and later on hugs her.Vanraj stands there. Husmukh,jignesh and GK dress like santa.

Paritosh that it is the first party where there is 3 santa’s.Malvika says that tells that anuj and anupama both are looking gorgeous.Anupama gives the carrot cake to malvika.

Malvika tells that she never thought that Anupama will be able to make the cake, Anupama says that if she could not make the cake then should have learned from Malvika.

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