Anupama S01 30th December 2021:Malvika keeps the marriage proposal in front of the family

Anupama 30th December 2021

Anuj tells Anupama that he will never prank on her he tells that he will do whatever she will say . Anupama tells him what to do. Anuj does that. Anuj thinks that Anupama is a changed person now.

Anupama thinks that she should not tell anything to anuj now as anuj and malvika have just met and she should not get into them. She decides to confess her love to anuj later on.

Malvika says to Kavya that she was about to put star than why she did. Kavya says that only a special person can put up a star on the tree. Kavya tells her that she does not know how to speak to elders.

Kavya tell that Malvika is crazy. Malvika feels bad and gets upset she hugs her. Kavya gets surprised seeing that Vanraj gazing at her.Anuj imagines that he is asking Anupama whether she loves him and Anupama feels shy.

Anuj back to the reality feels that Anupama will never feel like that about him.He recieves a message and get happy beacuse the present for malvika ready.Malvika thanks Vanraj for getting the deal done. Vanraj and Malvika celebrates.

Kavya gets angry at vanraj and malvika and asks death from how many days both of them knows each other. Kavya warns Malvika that she should not get close to her husband. Malvika tells that she is only a business partner.

Kavya alerts Malvika on flirting with Vanraj.The shahs gets ready for the Christmas party. Jignesh, Hasmukh, and GK dress like a Santa. Malvika gets happy seeing that the whole family is ready for the party.

She sees anuj and anupama entering the party together and she feels very good.She asks husmukh to give anupama and anuj permission to get married.The family gets shocked. GK tells that they cant take such a big decision so fast.

Husmukh also tells that they can’t take the decision so fast . Anupama says that they will talk about this later on.Anuj thinks that malvika will shout at her but she gets angry and leaves from there.

Anupama decides to console her and make her understand.Anupama acts as if she has got hurt and malvika stops.Anupama catches her and tells her that she must not get angry.

Malvika asks where is she wrong because she has only said that anuj and Anupama should get married.Anupama makes her understand that she will think about this at the right time.Malvika understand what she is trying to tell.

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