Meet 30th December 2021 Spoiler Alert: OH NO! Manushi decides to lock meet in the room

Meet and meet ahlawat waits at the temple for the person.He asks meet that when will her friend com.Meet says that they can wait because they don’t have much to do and they can wait there.

Meet says that the smell of the jalebi’s will bring him there.A man comes and tells meet and meet ahlawat to change their dress and wear the Rajasthani dress so that they can do a photo shoot.

Both of them agree. Cameraperson asks Meet to wear lady clothes. Meet says clothes don’t know whether wearing person is men or woman. Meet ahlawat tells that his wife ideal .

Tej comes there and eats the jalebi and then leaves from there.Meet ahlawat sees it .Meet taps Meet Ahlawat shoulder then he happily checks their photos in the photographer camera.

Babita brings raj’s favorite food.Raj tells her to make sunaina agree.Meet calls raj. He picks up the call and asks how are they.Meet say sthat they are fine.

Babita asks about their honeymoon.Meet tells the locations they have visited. She asks whether they moved on in their relationship. Meet stays silent then Babita asks her to initiate it to move on and you have to become a Good wife.

Manushi decides that she can lock meet in the room but she finds that she is receiving the dress.She goes to lock the room but manushi sees meet ahlawat and decides to make another plan.

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