Anupama Update: Anuj gets invited to the wedding anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh


Star Plus daily soap Anupama gearing up for big twist in its upcoming episode. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that everyone start celebrating the wedding anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh.

Anupama says that she and Dolly will be doing the haldi for Leela. And the son of the house will be doing the haldi for Hasmukh.

Anuj and GK enter the house at that moment and everyone gets shocked to see them over there. Anupama starts thinking that who has invited him there.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama and complete her work for the office and message Anuj that she is done with the work.

After some time Anuj reaches our house and thinks that something is wrong Anupama says that there is nothing wrong over there.

Anuj asks that why has she then messaged him to save her. Informing can’t understand anything and which tells that she has sent in message that she he is in danger.

Anupama open the message and finds her she has asked Anuj to save her. Anuj makes understand that it is the new technology of smartphones that does all this automatically.

Anuj asks Anupama that what she doing she says that she was preparing for the wedding Anuj get shocked and ask that who is marrying.

She thinks that it is Anupama who is getting married he asks that If he’s the man to home she is getting married. Anupama tells that she is not getting married it is the wedding anniversary of her in laws.

In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to know that what more is waiting for the audience. Till that stay tuned with us for latest update and spoilers of serial Anupama. And keep on watching Anupama on Star Plus.

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