Bhagya Lakshmi S01,30th November 2021:Will Lakshmi Get To Know The Truth ?

Bhagya Lakshmi

Rishi and Viraj speaks to each other she tells him that he does not love maliska. Rishi asks him not to get married to her.

He tells Viraj that he knows Malishka very well that she is not ready to get married. Malishka’s mother starts finding maliska.

Malishka gets angry after hearing to the decision of Viraj’s grandfather. Her father makes her understand that both of them are made for each other.

He tells her that she and Viraj should get married. He also says that Viraj is his friends son after marriage there won’t be any problem.

Malishka tells that she loves Rishi and she can’t get married to Viraj. He makes understand that it is not the truth because Rishi is no more unmarried he is married to Lakshmi.

He tells Malishka that if she gets married to Viraj they will leave the whole life together. Malishka questions that then why she and her mother got to forced.

He says that because her mother never wanted love she only wanted money and wealth. On the other hand Lakshmi speaks to Viraj’s grandfather.

She tells him that she thinks that Viraj and Malishka made for each other.Later on Rishi asks Lakshmi that why she interfering in always. She tells that she does not even know how is Malishka.

Rishi starts finding malishka. Maliska’s mother tells Rishi that Malishka has agreed to get married to Viraj. She does not believe her.

Rishi tries to speak to Malishka but should be nice to hear to him both of them start arguing and maliska slaps Rishi. Rishi feels insulted and tell Malishka that she should marry Viraj.Rishi leaves from there and Malishka tries to jump from the window ,Rishi goes and holds Malishka and hugs her.

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