Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: WHAT! Jasmine and Fateh’s wedding is fake?

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert

Fateh and Jasmine gets married. Tej tells angad to stop all this acting because whatever they had to do they have done. Tejo breakdown she goes to her room and starts crying.

Angad goes to her room and console her.Tejo asks him to take her to a such a place where no one will know them. Angad tries to make her understand.

But she breaks down completely after the wedding. Angad takes Tejo to Gurudwara so that she feels good and fateh also visits the Gurdwara.

Fateh and Tejo cross each other in the Gurudwara. Jasmine comes to the Sandhus and tells the family that if they do not want to help her in doing the rituals of her wedding then she will not ask them.

Jasmine does the last ritual of her wedding on her own and leaves the house living behind the family and Tejo. Later on, Fateh gets to know the truth about Jasmine.

He gets to know that it was just being who have planned on this.Fateh comes to know about Jasmine’s fake promises. He gets shocked to learn the truth. He decides not to go to Canada with Jasmine.

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