Bhagya Lakshmi Ep 102 Spoiler – Nov 29, 2021: Rishi decides to marry Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi November 29 2021

Zee TV daily Bhagyalakshmi is one of the most-watched TV serials. In the upcoming episode, Viraj’s grandfather announces something to everyone at his birthday party.

He announced that he has taken a decision along with malishka’s father. He says that he wants Viraj to get married to malishka.

Later on Viraj’s grandfather speaks to Lakshmi and tells her that if they get married then it will be good for her because he has seen many things that she does not know.

Malishka gets upset and starts thinking that what can she do to stop the wedding. On the other hand Rishi starts thinking that how can this wedding take place because he loves her.

Later on Malishka and Rishi speaks to each other. Rishi asks her not to get married to Viraj. She tells that she can break the waiting just now but he will also have to promise that he will leave Lakshmi.

Rishi promises her that he will leave Lakshmi and then both of them will get married and stay together. Both of them hug each other. Lakshmi watches all these and gets shocked.

In the latest episode It is seen that the family has gone to enjoy the birthday party of Viraj’s grandfather. Rishi and Lakshmi come close to each other.

Malishka gets shocked after she finds that rishi and Lakshmi are getting closer to Lakshmi. Later on Malishka asks Lakshmi to dance with her and intentionally push her.

But Rishi saves Lakshmi from falling down. Seeing this Malishka gets more jealous she thinks that she must do something so that Rishu leaves Lakshmi forever.

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