Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert: WHAT! It was Sonakshi’s plan

Kundali Bhagya

The upcoming episode of kundali Bhagya will be very interesting. Preeta thinks that Pihu must have gone to her friends house.

Karan call Roma to ask about Pihu.Roma stills that we who has already left and Preeta has gone to pick up her. At the same time the goons the calls and tells Preeta that they want to speak to Karan.

They say Karan that they have kidnapped Pihu. They ask him not to inform the police.The goons says that they must not believe them so they are sent proof.

They asked to see envelope is kept at the corridor. Preeta and the family find the envelope and 10 finds the pictures of Pihu and gets shocked.

Karan asks one of his friends to come to his house and help him to find his daughter. On the other hand Sonakshi goes to her room and starts crying.

Sherlyn goes to Sonakshi and asks her not to worry and console her. She tells her that she no need to do the acting because she knows very well that it is she who is doing all this.

Sonakshi tells that she is doing nothing Sherlyn slaps her and says that she very well knows whatever she has done.

Later on she tells Sonakshi that she likes her only because she wants preeta to stay unhappy. Sonakshi tells that she was go and meet her father.

On the other Karan’s friend come with his team they ask everyone that when they have seen Pihu the last time. Preeta tells that she has seen Pihu when she went to drop her.

Rakhi gets nervous and unconscious.Later Preeta asks Rakhi not to think ,Sherlyn tells Preeta that it is your responsibility to look after Pihu and it is hard fault that Pihu has got kidnapped.

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