Meet S01 Ep 91,29th November 2021 Promo Alert


High voltage is going on in Zee TV serial meet. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that the ahlawat family spends time with each other.

Masoom starts thinking that it is already 12 o’clock midnight and maybe meet has gone inside the room to bring the divorce papers.

Meet hands over the divorce papers to Masoom and tells her that by mistake she can lose money but she can never lose relationships.

The divorce papers Fall Into the fire Masoom start screaming everyone gathers and asks that what has happened. Masoom tells that meet is a liar.

She asks meet to tell the truth in front of everyone she questions whether Manushi is staying in their house or not. Everyone stands shocked.

In the latest episode It is seen that Masoom gets to know that Manushi is staying with anubha. Masoom asks meet to give divorce to her brother.

She tells that due to both of the sisters her brother is facing difficulties in his life. Meet completely breakdown. On the other hand meet ahlawat things that why has meet not came to his room since the morning.

Later define finds meet in the garden and asks the reason why she avoids him. Meet keeps quiet meet ahlawat ok her that if she does not take care of him who will take care of him.

Meet tell that there are many people in the house and they can take care of him easily. He says that no one will take care only she will take care because she is his wife.

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