Bhagya Lakshmi Update : Rishi and Lakshmi made for Eachother

 Bhagya Lakshmi

So far it is seen that Lakshmi and Rishi attend Viraj’s grandfather’s birthday party. Viraj’s grandfather sees Lakshmi and Rishi together and tells that they are made for each other.

He says that both of them can’t live without each other because God has made them for each other. Aayush comes and introduces himself.

Viraj tell his grandfather that is Ayush is Rishi’s cousin. Shalu also comes with Ayush Lakshmi gets happy to see Shalu in the party.

Viraj’s grandfather asks whether Shalu and Ayush are couple. Ayush tells that they are not couple they are just good friends.

Viraj’s grandfather asks Rishi and Lakshmi to go and enjoy the party. Rishi asks Lakshmi whether she has brought all the sweets for Viraj’s grandfather she says that she has brought this sweets for his grandfather.

Rishi praises her Lakshmi asks that whether he is taunting her or not Rishi tells that he is not pulling her leg but he is really proud of her.

On the other hand Malishka’s mother asks her to do something so that Rishi gets back to her leaving Lakshmi behind. She tells Malishka that Rishi has already started caring for Lakshmi.

Malishka remember that how he she got angry when she got close to Viraj on the Diwali night. She decides to do something so that Rishi can realize that he loves Malishka.

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