Udaariyaan Sneak Peak Update: Will Jashmine’s dream of going to Canada come true?

Udaariyaan 28th november 2021

Jasmine is ready to get married to fateh. But on the wedding day fateh goes missing from the house. Jasmine get upset.

But he returns home and tells Jasmine that he has a plan for their future. He says her that they will be going to Canada the next day.

Hearing this Jasmine gets excited and unable to keep the excitement with herself she tells her friends that she is going to Canada the next day.

Tejo overhears the conversation of jasmine and gets to know that their going to Canada. She gets shocked to know the truth.

On the other hand Tejo and Angad both are ready to start with a new life. Tejo still feels for fateh because she loves him till now.

Tejo and fateh gets married.Jasmine asks Fateh to take everyone’s blessings and come to the room.

She tells she will do the packing as they have to reach airport three hours before flight timing.Satti says that Jasmine is shameless.

Fateh tells the family that they he took the decision after lot of things he tells that he had thought about it a lot and then he decided this.

He says that jasmine always wanted to go out and they will also stay happy as there will be no arguements or problems.

Gurpreet tells that now fateh is only thinking of jasmine. Gurpreet gets upset and breaks all the relations with fateh.

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