Meet Ep 87,25th November 2021 : Babita gets angry on meet

Meet ahlawat tells meet to cut the cake. Meet tells that she must wait for Babita and Rajvardhan to return home. On the other hand Masoom tries to know the truth from anubha.

Anubhav thinks that how can this be possible that she knows the truth. Masoom tells that actually meet is so free with the family that she has told about it unknowingly.

Meet’s friend comes and takes anubha from there. On the other hand Manushi reaches the house and things that how can her get inside the house.

She disguises herself as a joker And enters the house. The family enjoys the birthday party. Meet asks her mother that why she so nervous.

Her mother tells that Masoom was trying to know the truth from her by telling lie. Meet tells her that she has promised her that she will never tell it to anyone then she will never tell it to anyone.

Manushi enters the house and thinks that the house is so big like a palace and should enter the house as a daughter in law of that house but now she is entering as a joker.

She falls down and all the kids start laughing seeing her.Later on meet ahlawat meets Manushi and appreciates her that he has seen our lady Joker for the first time.

He appreciates her efforts. Meet and her friends starts dancing. The family enjoy the birthday party. Manushi plays with the kids and she finds the cactus plant where she has hidden the jewellery.

She goes to take out the jewellery when meet comes from behind and asks her to have some juice.Meet thinks that how can this be possible that a cactus is over there.

Meet thinks that she should keep the cactus away otherwise the kids will get hurt. Manushi thinks that it is a bad time for her because each and everything is going wrong.

Babita reaches home and asks everyone to stop the music she starts insulting meet in front of everyone. She says that she does not have any responsibility even she can take care of her son.

She asks her son to go to the room and take rest. Rajvardhan asks her to keep quiet because the family of meet is present over there but she does not listen to all this.

Meet ahlawat tells Babita that it is not her fault he says that it is her birthday it to the that’s why he has given a surprise birthday party.

He says that he has also informed her but her phone was busy. He tells that the last day also meet did not get out of the house for her work she went out because of him.

He will speak truth. Manushi think meet ahlawat is supporting meet and that is very surprising. Babita gets shocked to know that meat does not have any fault.

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