Anupama 26 November Spoiler update : Shah’s celebrates Bhai Dooj, Anuj propose Anupama


Star Plus show Anupama is one of the most-watched TV serials. The audience have given lots of love to the show from the first day.

The makers are coming up with a new story each and every day and in each and every episode there is some twist and turns which is keeping the audience tuned to the show.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that the Shah family celebrates Bhai Dooj. Pakhi, Paritosh,samar dance together and enjoy the day.

Anupama makes a special chocolate dish for Anuj. She gives it to Anuj, Anuj tells that he loves it . Anupama stands shocked hearing these three words.

High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama in the latest episode this seen Leela apologize for the mistakes she has made.

She also asks Anupama that Kavya has taken only property but she should not give her dance academy to her. She asks her to come to the Shah house sometimes.

Anupama tells that she can agree to everything but she can’t come to that house. Leela says that since 26 years she have always seen her face in the morning. Read More | Satyameva Jayate 2 released all across the country 👉👉👉

She tells her that he does not know how many days you will be alive but if she have three believe that an offer will come to the house then maybe she will live more.

Anupama promised her that she will be coming to the house.Later vanraj tells Anupama that Kavya has done very wrong. He tells that by taking the house and making the property on him she has erased her name from his heart.

He says to Anupama that she knows very well that how was he was a winner and now he is a loser. He tells Anupama that he wants to be a winner once again and prove everyone that he is a winner. Anupama wish him best of luck.

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