Meet 26th November 2021, Episode 88 Spoiler Alert

meet 26 november 2021

Babita returns house and finds everyone celebrating meet’s birthday. She gets angry on her and leaves from there . Rajvardhan apologize to meet for forgetting her birthday.

Meet tells that it is absolutely ok.Meet ahlawat receives a call from the event manager his face that the Joker has got ill that’s why they could not send him.

He starts thinking that then who is the one who has came to their house.Later he goes and explains to Babita that meet is not wrong at all.

Babita realises her mistake.Anubha ask meet to stay happy in the family and all of them gets ready to leave the house. Babita asks to stop.

She tells that she will not tell them to stay over there but she wants to tell that she is sorry for whatever she has told. She tells that she has told and spoken very badly with meet.

She says that it is her birthday and she must have felt very bad for her behaviour. She tells that if they also leave then meet feel bad and will be sad.

Babita tells sorry to meet you wish her happy birthday. They also enjoy her birthday party and cut the cake. On the other hand Manushi tries to find out the jewellery from the dust bin.

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