Anupama 27th November 2021 : Vanraj wants to be a winner


Kavya tries to speak to vanraj he asks her to say whatever she wants to say. Kavya tells that she is waiting to speak to him but he is not paying attention to her.

He receives a call and leaves from there. Anuj and Anupama sit in a restaurant. Anupama tells that the meeting is over and what will they do now.

Anuj tells that this restaurant is his favourite because he likes the Paan milkshake of this restaurant. Anupama and Anuj both discuss about their business plan.

And asks Anupama to order the Paan milkshake. Anupama says that she has never came to places like this. She tells that she have gone sometimes but that too with the family.

She tells that she has never ordered something for her in the restaurant. And which tells that then they will do something for the women in their restaurant.

Anuj tells that they will allow the women to order a special dish which will be only available for women. Anuj says that people tell women first but actually they don’t agree to it.

Anupama receives a call from Pakhi. Pakhi asks her to visit the School for the parents teacher meeting. Anupama asks Anuj to have is Paan milkshake because she have to leave for the meeting.

Anuj accompany her and Anupama thinks that this can be possible because of her and youth is destroying his happiness.

The finish with the parents teacher meeting. Anuj drops Anupama home. Devika surprise them. She tells inform that she has brought a new gift for her.

Devika, Anupama and Anuj starts pulling leg of each other. Anupama asks on which to have some tea but he denies he says he has to attain important meeting.

Later on Anupama thinks that Anuj is doing all this for her she speaks to Devika about all this. She tells her that she feels guilty.

Devika makes her understand that Anuj likes her and he also does not have any family, that’s why he thinks that Anupama’s family is like his own family.

Anupama agrees to her. Anupama tells that but still she does not feel good that because of her Anuj have to leave all his work.

Devika asks Anupama that she things and Anupama has started feeling for Anuj. Anupama ask her to stop holidays. On the other hand Leela and Hasmukh discuss about their marriage anniversary .

Leela tells the no one even remember their marriage anniversary. They decide that on the marriage anniversary day they will go to the Mandir and pass their whole day over there. Anupama overhears the conversation and gets upset.

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