Anupama 27th November 2021 : Devika asks anupama to tell her feelings to anuj


The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama are going up for a new twist and turn. In the upcoming episode it will be seen the Pakhi calls Anupama.

Pakhi tells Anupama that she needs to come for the parents-teacher meeting today School. Anupama tells her that this all this years vanraj always went to the meeting.

But Pakhi asks her to come to the meeting as soon as possible the waiter brings a milkshake for Anupama and Anuj. Anuj tells that we can have the milkshake later on.

He tells us that it is important to attend the parents-teacher meeting. And what fuels for Anuj she thinks that Anuj is helping her so much and thinking about her.

Later on speaks to Devika about all this. Devika tells that it can be that Anupama is in love with Anuj ,Anupama ask her to shut up.

Devika tells Anupama to stop hiding her feelings and tell the truth she asks Anupama to tell her feelings about Anuj. Anupama keeps on thinking.

The upcoming episode will be very interesting. To get the latest update and spoiler about serial on the statement with us and keep on watching Anupama.

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