Meet 17th November 2021:Meet ahlawat thanks meet for saving him

Meet 17th november 2021

High Voltage drama is going on in Zee TV serial meet. Babita goes to the hospital and finds her son in the hospital she gets angry on meet ahlawat.

She thinks that it is meet for home her sound is in the hospital. Meet try to make her explain but she does not listen to anything.

Babita goes and meets her son meet ahlawat after meeting him she decides to take him home and while going home and leaving the hospital he asks that where is his wife.

Babita tells that how she kicked her out of the hospital he gets angry on his mother she says that he does not even know that how she saved his life.Meet Ahlawat goes to meet and apologize to him for his mother’s behaviour.

In the latest episode It is seen that how meet took the risk of her life and donated blood to meet ahlawat. After that she got unconscious.

After waking up she found that Rajvardhan has already arrived at the hospital. Rajvardhan decides not to tell the truth to Babita .And then Meet took care of her husband.

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