Kundali Bhagya upcoming Big twist :OH No! Sonakshi finds the pregnancy reports of Preeta

Sonakshi thinks that what will happen if Preeta gets pregnant. On the other hand Karan invites the office staff for the function.

Rakhi says that how can they make the preparations in such less time. Preeta tells that she will be managing all this and no need to worry about all this.

Later on Rakhi praises Preeta for doing all the preparations on time. Preeta waits for the pregnancy reports. Karan says that the reports have been couriered.

Karan asks that why she is so nervous. She tells that she is nervous because it is a very big thing which is going to happen.

On the other hand Sonakshi also wears for the pregnancy reports to come. The family and Preeta gets busy in helping the guests.

The courier boy comes to deliver the report Sonakshi sees this. She collects the report and opens the envelope to see that what is the report.

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