Kundali Bhagya Episode 17th November 2021 :Preeta feels nervous for the Pregnancy Reports

Kundali Bhagya 17th november 2021

Karan finds that Preeta is not in the bed he starts finding her that where is she. On the other hand Sonakshi start thinking that what will happen if the reports are positive.

She thinks that what will happen if the doctor says that Preeta is pregnant because if it happens then all the family members will throw her out of the house.

Sherlyn comes and asks that what is he thinking of Sonakshi ask that why she always behind her and why does she always follow her.

She asks that what does she want Sherlyn things that the thing which he wants is Prithvi. She tells Sonakshi that the things she wants is very personal.

Sonakshi leaves from there ,Sherlyn things that there must be some problem that she want to create in Karan and Preeta’s life because she went along with them to the hospital.

Karan finds that Preeta is sleeping with Pihu Karan hugs them. The doctor calls them and Sonakshi watches all this outside the room.

The next Rishabh tells rakhi that he has ordered a watch Rakhi ask him to order one for her also. They find Kritika and they start making a happy.

Kritika tells that she likes sherlyn the most because she at least do useless things to make her happy. Rishab tells that what is speaking of she is the daughter of that house and they worry about her.

After this day go for doing the breakfast. Rakhi tells Preeta that they are extremely sorry for what has happened the last night.

Preeta tells that there is no problem with that because she is very happy to know that if she is not there in the house then they will take care of Pihu.

Rishabh asks Karan that what has he done because the office staff are coming with your family. Karan says that actually he has invited all the office staff casually.

Rishab tells that he is the boss and when he has told obviously the staff will come. Rakhi tells that how can they do so many preparation in such a less time.

Preeta tells that they will make it there will be no problem all the guests start coming and Sonakshi waits for the pregnancy reports.

Karan gets call he inform Preeta that the reports have already been send and it will be reaching the house in in sometime.

Preeta and Karan takes care of the family and the guests. The courier boy comes along with the pregnancy reports Sonakshi collects the report.

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