Kundali Bhagya November 29th 2021:OH NO! Pihu’s life in Danger,Kareena blames Preeta

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV serial show Kundali Bhagya. Today’s episode starts with Preeta and Karan. Preeta shows the message to Karan. Karan says that it is written in the message that the party is already over.

Preeta gets shocked to see the message she calls Roma but unfortunately, Sonakshi is phone start ringing. Karan says that he will call Roma.

Karan speaks to Roma she asks whether Pihu has reached home or not. Preeta says that how can be reached home because she has not gone to pick up her.

Roma tells that how can this be possible because she came to pick up Pihu herself. The other phone rings preeta pics of the phone and she thinks that it may be Pihu.

But the goons ask Preeta to give the phone to Karan.Preeta gets nervous, speaks to the goons, the goons says that Pihu is with them.

The goons inform Karan that they will call him, later on, to ask for money. They tells Karan He should not call the police or involve the police in this matter.

The goons tells Karan that they know they will not believe them so they have sent some pictures of Pihu. Preeta and the whole family finds the picture and gets shocked.

Karan decides to call his friend to help him to find Pihu. Sherlyn follows Sonakshi, she starts playing Sonakshi for doing always.

Sonakshi tells that she has done nothing she slaps her she tells that she knows very well that she was been something with Preeta’s mobile.

Sherlyn tells her that but she likes her, she says that everything that causes Preeta to get upset she likes them. She tells Sonakshi that she will be supporting her forever.

Karan’s friend come and asks about each and every incident that has happened. They start working on the case. They start asking everyone for some clue.

Sonakshi reaches the goons place. The goons think that it is Simmi and asks her to feed Pihu. Sonakshi slaps the goon. She says that they can’t even handle a small girl.

She asks the goons to do something so that she can call and threaten the luthra family, and so that their location and phone number does not get traced.

Preeta asks Rakhi not to worry because everything will be OK, Sherlyn gets angry on Preeta and tells that it is due to her that all this has happened.

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