Kundali Bhagya episode 4th November 2021 : The End! Preeta catches prithvi

Kundali Bhagya episode 4th November 2021

Kundali Bhagya episode 4th November 2021

Prithvi starts finding Sandeep and his thinks that where can preeta hide him. He goes from one room to another on the other hand Preeta tells that they must keep on shifting Sandeep.

Shristi tells that but they should be allowed because with we should not know about their plan and he should not see Sandeep.

Shristi calls Kritika and acts as if she is speaking to Karan she asks him to come to her room and says that Sandeep is over there.

Prithvi overhears a conversation and things that there so much police when he enters the room he finds that there is no one but Srishti.

He understands that they are playing with him. Guest room Shristi says to Preeta that Prithvi has not seen Sandeep and he does not know about their plan.

At that moment they find that Sandeep is moving the thing that he is getting back his conscious.Prithvi tells himself that he will make sure that Sandeep comes in front of him and even Preeta can’t do anything about it.

He sets fire in Sameer’s room. Everyone starts coughing and they go to his room and finds with the room is on fire and they get shocked.

Prithvi enters the room with a knife Sandeep starts screaming so that someone comes to save him. But Prithvi leaves from there without doing anything.

Sandeep starts screaming Preeta and their others hears him screaming. Do they go to the hall and finds Sandeep over there. They say that there is no one Sandeep gets unconscious again.

Rakhi asks that how can this happen that Sandeep is in the hall how can he come over there. They decide that they must go to sleep now.

Sameer says that he will be staying along with Sandeep to protect him and keep an eye on him. Everyone goes from their and Sameer takes care of Sandeep.

Prithvi waits for the right moment Sameer goes to the kitchen to bring some water when Prithvi goes to kill Sandeep. Preeta comes out with everyone and says that he is trapped.

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