Anupama Update :Anuj brings a gift for anupama

anupama 6th november 2021 written update

anupama 6th november 2021 written update

In the latest episode of serial Anupama rents a new house. Leela starts speaking about Anupama she says that she will not stop in the life and stop due to one person.

She speaks on her own that Anupama will be celebrating this Diwali all alone because the family is not with her. Kavya comes there and also helps Leela.

Vanraj comes and asks Leela to stop taking Anupama’s name because they can’t lose their happiness because of Anupama.

On the other hand has Hasmukh bring some beautiful Nazar Raksha Kavach for Anupama’s new house. When Leela and Kavya get to know that Anupama has a new house they gets shocked.

Kavya starts saying that she knew very well that Anupama will be not able to stay along with her mother because if she stays along with her mother how can she meet Anuj.

Vanraj ask them to stop all this argument Leela asks Hasmukh not to go to anupama’s house. He does not listen and says that he will be going there.

Kinjal says that she has made some halwa for Anupama. Leela says Kinjal to keep it and not to take anything from that house.

Hasmukh asks Kinjal to keep this sweet over there because that house needs the sweet more. Anupama does the Griha Pravesh rituals. Everyone gets happy to see her new house.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anuj will gift Anupama a beautiful things. On the other hand Dolly gets to know about Anupama leaving the house.

She comes to the house and says the how can they do like this vanraj says that if Anupama is more important for her that she should leave the house.

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