Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein :Virat asks Pakhi to stay away from sai

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

High voltage drama is going on in Star Plus serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein. Virat asks sai that which flavour of Candy will she like to have. She says that she almost gave a heart attack.

She says that she will like to have the pink colour candy while eating the candy it sticks to her nose and Virat calls her monkey.

While returning home Virat asks her that what plan has she done for their parents anniversary.Sai tell her that she has made the full plan but she does not know where the Ninad do with like the plan or not.

She says that if minute does not like the plan then the plan will go to vain Virat gets nervous on the other hand Bhawani asks Omkar to Apologise to her she says that if she apologized to her then she can forgive him.

He says that he can’t apologize to her because what he said he meant it he says that he answer good amount of money and by his own house.

Bhawani says that the business from which he earns is his father’s business and not his own.Ninad asks Omkar to re-think his decision. Bhavani says that he is taking a stupid decision in anger. 

Sai give the gift to Virat gets excited saying it, he hugs her for giving such a beautiful gift. He finds that it is the photo of his parents along with his photo.

Later on Sai teases him. Virat runs behind Sai and both fell on the bed. Ashwini arrives and sees them together. Pakhi asks Virat about his relationship.

Virat tells that Sai is his wife and she has to maintain distance from them. Pakhi reminds Virat that she is his first love.

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