Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: Tejo and Angad to start their new relation

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert
image source-still from the show

Udaariyaan produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment is getting ready for the wedding and engagement of Angad and tejo.

Angad wants tejo fateh’s family to be there during their wedding.Tejo is in a peoblem because the wedding is fake as she loves fateh.

Fateh goes missing,he plans a big surprise for jasmine but when jasmine findss thatheis not there in the house she gets upset with him.

Tejo gets emotional as she is going to marry angad but she donot love him.Tejo gets engulfed by emotions.

In the latest episode it is seen that jasmine comes into the hall while finding Angad. She gets possessive after seeing fateh and Tejo’s dancing.

Later she lashes out and shouts at Tejo and tells Angad that she is doing a fake engagement for her greedy needs.Tejo thinks why is jasmine doing like this.

She decided to keep quiet and hide the truth from her . She tells her that she is her sister then why is she hating her so much for marrying Angad now. 

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