Anupama Ep 17th November 2021 :Leela breaks down,Hasmukh looks for a job


Anupama asks Anuj to go to his house because it is late night. He leaves. And starts crying watching Hasmukh in this condition.

On the other hand Leela gets angry and speaks to herself.Samar asks that what has happened to her that she is behaving like this.

Pakhi says that she is very afraid because vanraj is also not at home and all this has happened. Kinjal asks samar to take it to her home.

She tells that she will be speaking to Leela. She tells me that it is late night and they should go to sleep. Leela shouts at her and says her to go to sleep and to go away from there and leave her alone.

Anupama takes care of Hasmukh. She gives water to him the water falls on the bed. He gets up and goes up of the house. Anupama asks same to stop.

Anupama starts finding him. Anuj sees Anupama and asks that what is she doing over there. Anupama tells that actually Hasmukh has left the house.

Both of them start finding him define that he is speaking to a security guard. He ask this security guard about a new job.

He asks that how much is the salary and what time he have to come for duty. The security guard asks that why is he looking for a job he says because he does not want to be a burden for her daughter.

The security guard tells that they will be trying to help him out. Anupama and Anuj asks him to come to the house and to sleep because it is late night.

The next morning Leela does the Puja and wishes everybody.Samar tell that it is a new time and you’re here and they should bring Hasmukh back to the house Leela says that there is no need of bringing him back to the house because he will come on his own.

Kavya asks Leela to do something Leela says that Hasmukh and she both of them are together for 50 years and she knows very well that he will return on his own to the house. Kavya tells that it can be because he is with Anupama. And maybe Anupama is cursing them.

GK, Anuj and Anupama tries to make Hasmukh happy they somehow make him agree to go for a morning walk. GK tell solution that if this is the result of a relationship then it is good that there and Anuj says that they can’t be weak at this moment.

In the park GK tries to entertain Hasmukh. On the other hand Jignesh tells Leela that he is leaving the house forever and now he will never return to her. Leela asks that why is he said because she slap him the last night. He says that she is his elder sister she can do whatever she want.

But the thing that she has done with her husband is very very wrong and he will never forgive her for all this he leaves the house. Lina breaks down and sits on the floor Kavya says that what will happen if vanraj gets to know that all this happened behind him.

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