Anupama 18th November Promo Update

Anupama 18th November 2021

Leela goes to Anupama’s house and tells her that when they got married he made the promise that both of them will stay together in any situation.

Tells that he made the promise that they will be together in the situation of sadness or happiness. She hold Hasmukh’s hand and ask him to return to the home.

Hasmukh leaves her hand and shuts the door on Leela’s face. She gets shocked. He says that whatever he had to do it for them and now no more he will be staying with her.

Leela asks that what will she tell when vanraj will return home Hasmukh says that she must tell her son that his father is already dead.

On the other hand Vanraj asks Paritosh that if anything has happened behind him or not. Paritosh gets shocked to listen this question.

In the latest episode It is seen that Leela insults Hasmukh and he leaves the house and takes care of him. Anupama tries to make him happy.

GK cracks jokes so that he gets happy and starts laughing but he does not laugh. Anu stills Anupama that everything will get ok but it will take time.

GK tell Anuj that if this is the result of relationships then it is good that they don’t have anyone. On the other hand Kafi asks Leela to do something because if vanraj returns home then what will the answer.

High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers are coming up with new and interesting plot in each and every episode.

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