Bhagya Lakshmi spoiler alert: Shocking! Malishka tells Laxmi about her love for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th november 2021

High voltage drama is going on in zee tv serial bhagya laxmi. The recent track has increased the interest of the viewers.

Malishka comes to the house with viraj and she finds that rishi is taking care of laxmi she gets angry seeing this but she does not tell anything.

She asks viraj to dance with her and makes rishi jealous. Later on Rishi asks that why was she doing all this.he tells her that he loves her .

Malishka questions that then why did he marry her .They hear that someone is coming to their room and they hide.After that Laxmi sees that there is no one in the room.

Viraj asks Laxmi that he knows that she doesn’t love rishi and this happens in India. Laxmi tells that hereafter marriage husband and wife starts loving each other.

Viraj asks about herself she tells that she fell in love when she was getting married to rishi . Rishi and Malishka overhear them. This makes Malishka angry and she gets into a fight with Rishi. And later she tells Laxmi that she loves Rishi.

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